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Pressure Washers

Our pressure washers are built for commercial & industrial needs.

Pressure Washing

Experience the power of clean with our top-quality pressure washing solutions. At Clean Ontario, we provide pressure washers that can handle the toughest dirt and grime.

Cold Water Pressure Washers


Gasoline-powered cold-water pressure washers provide monster-cleaning power for the toughest jobs, optimum portability, and are easy to maneuver. From job sites, to workshops Clean Ontario can supply and service a broad range of gas-powered, belt- and direct-drive pressure washing systems.


Electric-powered cold water pressure washers have been popular for years especially for indoor cleaning applications, such as manufacturing and food processing where exhaust fumes are prohibited. Electric-powered cold water pressure washers run quieter than gasoline-powered models and typically are more economical.

HD Series

Compact and corrosion-resistant, HD aluminum pressure washers can be utilized as a cart or a skid (optional) for maximum cleaning versatility and durability. Easy to maneuver with puncture proof, flat free tires.

MP Series

No other cold-water pressure washer delivers more blasting power than the gasoline-powered MP. The MP delivers a rare—but highly effective— blasting combination of 5 GPM and 5,000 PSI.

PG Series

The PG is a portable, belt-drive, cold-water pressure washer line offering models with cleaning power of up to 4,000 PSI. Only the highest quality components are used on the PG.

HD Electric Series

Designed for versatility, the HD Electric carts are corrosion-resistant aluminum pressure washers that easily convert from a cart to a skid for maximum cleaning agility and durability.

MPE Series

The MPE delivers a rare—but highly effective— blasting combination of 5 GPM and 5,000 PSI. It’s enough to cut salt-water barnacles from a ship’s hull, rip bark off logs and strip paint from metal.

SEA Series

The SEA is the absolute top-of-the-line stationary, cold-water pressure washer on the market today. The SEA features a belt-drive pump with U-seals for indoor-cleaning applications, from food processing to warehouse cleaning.

PE Series

The PE is the beefiest unit of Landa Karcher Group’s belt-drive, cold-water pressure washer line offering nine models with cleaning power of up to 3,000 PSI. Only the highest quality components are used on the PE.

ZEF Series

When it comes to convenience, the ZEF can’t be beat. This tough handheld unit is designed specifically for cleaning in tight quarters and comes standard with a remote on/off switch and Auto Start/Stop.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hybrid Pressure washers

Hybrid hot water pressure washers combine the power of hot water with flexible fuel options. They are perfect for removing tough grease, grime, and oil. Use them in factories, construction sites, or food plants. Clean Ontario offers a range of hybrid hot water pressure washers that are powerful and easy to use for any job.

Fully Electric Pressure Washers

Fully electric pressure washers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. They are eco-friendly, produce no fumes, and are easy to operate. These washers are ideal for places like hospitals, schools, and residential areas. Clean Ontario offers a range of fully electric pressure washers that are powerful and convenient for any cleaning task.

Fuel & Oil Powered Pressure Washers

Fuel and oil powered pressure washers offer strong cleaning power for tough jobs. They are great for outdoor use where electricity is not available. These washers are perfect for construction sites, farms, and large properties. Clean Ontario provides a wide selection of fuel and oil powered pressure washers to handle the most demanding cleaning tasks.

PHW Series

The PHW is heated by diesel or fuel oil using a high-efficiency burner. Other quality features include heating coil made of Schedule 80 steel pipe; top-of-the-line, low-RPM, belt-drive and tri-plunger. This industrial series includes our large frame LT Pump affixed to our proprietary Tru-Trac belt tension system, and an oversized 10-gallon diesel fuel capacity allows you to complete challenging cleaning jobs without interruption.

HOT Series

The legendary HOT is designed for simple operation, maximum efficiency, and optimal mobility. Its improved design features a stronger frame, larger, flat-free tires, an enclosed motor for longer use, and a more robust burner, all in a hefty yet compact footprint.

ENG Series

The ENG, with its fuel-efficient burner and vertical hot water coil, is the most compact natural gas hot water pressure washer on the market today. The ENG measures at 49-inches long by 24-inches wide, and stands 48-inches high – an amazingly small footprint for all of the features and quality it possesses.

VHG Series

The VHG, with its fuel-efficient burner and vertical hot water coil, is the most compact natural gas hot water pressure washer on the market today. The VHG is only 24-inches wide, 53-inches long and stands 49‑inches high, an amazingly small footprint for all of the features and quality it possesses.

VHP Series

The VHP—an abbreviation for Vertical Hot (Water) Propane—is the solution when portability is needed indoors or outdoors. Featuring a carrier with snug-fit band for a 10-gallon LP tank, the VHP easily maneuvers most anywhere with tubed pneumatic tires.

EHW Electric Series

The EHW is the ideal hot water pressure washer for in-plant cleaning. It creates instant hot water without an open flame, combustible fuel or hazardous fumes so it can be installed under a stairway or even inside a closet. And the EHW’s standard time delay shutdown feature automatically turns the unit off if the gun is left in shutoff mode. The operator can adjust delay from 2 to 10 minutes.

SLX Electric Series

When it comes to heavy-duty grease or grime, most high-volume, hot water pressure washers fall short with their 150°F water. Is the first power washer ever designed to deliver a high-volume flow at 200°F water, hot enough to melt the toughest of oily messes.

SLT Series

The SLT is the go-to pressure washer for many in mining, drilling and fleet and marine industries. It has no problem taking on stubborn grime and grease, eliminating algae and blasting through caked on mud. With its most powerful model reaching cleaning conditions of up to 8.0 GPM and 3200 PSI, the SLT, like it’s bigger brother the SLX has the ability to reach hot water temperatures of up to 200°F.

PGHW Series

For more than a decade, the PGHW has been one of the most popular gasoline-powered, hot water pressure washers. The PGHW combines the versatility of a compact size yet the ruggedness and cleaning power of a full-skid pressure washer.

PGDC Electric Series

The PGDC needs no electricity. Simply provide water and it’s ready to clean almost anywhere outdoors. The 5-gallon gasoline and 10-gallon diesel tanks allow for hours of continuous cleaning. The PGDC can be fitted with an optional wheel kit.

PDHW Series

The PDHW includes a 2,400-watt generator that powers the burner and a 120V outlet for small electrical needs. It has forklift guides for easy moving, mounting brackets to attach to a trailer, and a large, tilt-out fuel tank for hours of nonstop cleaning.

MHC Series

The MHC is the most rugged, gasoline-powered, hot water, on-site cleaning machine on wheels. The heavy-duty pump and energy efficient 12 volt burner to the single-piece welded steel and frame the MHC is built to last.

Pressure Washing Trailers

Mobile wash systems are becoming more popular as environmental regulations limit wash water runoff. These systems are designed to prevent dirty water from entering and harming the environment.

A custom-mounted pressure washer trailer wash system makes on-site cleaning easy. You can mix and match a single or dual-axle trailer with a self-contained gas or diesel-powered hot water pressure washer. You can also add optional accessories like hose reels, chrome coverings, and work lamps.

ECOS Series

This environmentally friendly, trailer combines a hot water pressure washer with a wash water recovery and filtration system making it simple to reclaim the gray wash water from your pressure washing operation.

TR-6000 Series

The TR-6000 comes with 2-by-3 inch structural tubing, standard electric brakes with break away kit, recessed electrical wiring and taillights, 1,000 lb. swivel jacks with ball couplers for quick and easy hookups, a durable steel cage for holding the equipment in place and a powder-coated epoxy finish to protect against the weather.


When moving between job sites, you need a portable washing system. The 3500 trailer is perfect for this, offering a rugged, heavy-duty chassis, sturdy wheel and axle assembly, 15” white-rimmed wheels, dual saddle boxes, 3500 lb. load capacity, and a powder-coated finish for weather protection.