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Agriculture & Farming

 Discover how our advanced cleaning equipment can transform your agricultural operations.

Maintaining cleanliness on your farm is essential for productivity, efficiency, and the health of your livestock and crops. At Clean Ontario, we offer advanced cleaning solutions designed specifically for the agriculture industry. Our equipment helps you keep everything from machinery to animal housing in pristine condition, ensuring that your farm operates smoothly and effectively.

Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly

Mark, a third-generation farmer, was facing frequent breakdowns with his old, dirty machinery.

“We were spending so much time and money on repairs, it was getting frustrating”

After investing in Clean Ontario’s pressure washers, he noticed an immediate difference.

“The tractors and harvesters started running smoother and required fewer repairs. We’ve saved a lot on maintenance costs, and the equipment just performs better. It’s incredible how a good cleaning routine can make such a big impact.”

Now, Mark makes it a point to regularly clean all his farm equipment, ensuring they stay in top condition and keep his operations running smoothly.

Regular cleaning is not just about appearance

Agricultural machinery and equipment are vital to your farm’s operations. Regular cleaning is not just about appearance—it’s about performance and longevity. Dirty machinery can lead to breakdowns, which are costly and time-consuming.

Our pressure washers and water cleaning systems are designed to remove dirt, grime, and residues that build up over time. By keeping your tractors, harvesters, plows, and other heavy machinery clean, you ensure they run efficiently and last longer.


Regular cleaning can extend the life of your machinery by up to 30%


Clean machinery operates up to 18% more efficiently, saving you time and fuel costs.

Ensure Hygienic Animal Housing and Dairy Operations

John, a dairy farmer from Ontario, noticed a significant improvement in his milk yield after using our cleaning equipment.

“The cows are healthier, and the milk is of much higher quality. It’s amazing what a difference proper cleaning can make.”

Clean dairy facilities are crucial for preventing disease

Clean animal housing and dairy facilities are crucial for preventing disease and ensuring high-quality production. In barns, stables, and poultry houses, the buildup of manure, bedding, and organic materials can lead to unhealthy conditions for your livestock. Our cleaning equipment, including pressure washers and specialized water cleaning systems, effectively removes these contaminants. In dairy operations, cleanliness is paramount to maintain milk quality. Our solutions help you keep milking machines, storage tanks, and processing areas sanitized, ensuring that your dairy products are safe and high-quality.


Proper sanitation in animal housing can reduce the incidence of disease by up to 40%


Dairy facilities that maintain high standards of cleanliness report up to a 20% increase in milk quality.