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Parts Washing

From delicate to heavy duty our parts washers can clean it all.

Aqueous Parts Washers

Discover the future of clean with Aqueous Parts Washers. Using water-based solutions, heat, and precise agitation, our washers easily remove dirt and grime. Enjoy the safety of our eco-friendly option compared to petroleum-based solvents. We provide a variety of heavy-duty and light-duty industrial parts washers, as well as custom and precision cleaning systems tailored to your needs.

Conveyor Parts Washers

Looking for a high-volume cleaning system? Check out our Conveyor Parts Washer. It handles large amounts of small and big parts. Our standard washers can wash, rinse, add rust protection, or dry parts. We can change the machines to load parts manually or automatically.

Conveyor Belt Washers

Find your perfect belt spray washer. Our conveyor belt spray washers remove chips, oils, coolants, and buffing compounds from machined parts, plastic parts, and stampings. Pick from our mini, mid-size, or large models for your in-line cleaning needs.

Dunnage Washers

Check out Dunnage Washers. They use safe, water-based solutions to clean tote pans, pallets, dunnage trays, and shipping containers. High-powered pumps spray parts inside and out, getting rid of oils, chips, and dirt. Standard models can wash, rinse, blow off, or dry. Dunnage Washers are made to your exact needs.

Rotary Drum Washers

Great for batch-fed and in-line parts washing, our Rotary Drum Washers process high volumes of parts at a low cost. They use two methods: spray cleaning for outside surfaces and total immersion to clean inside hollow and tube parts.

You can add tanks for washing, rinsing, rust proofing, phosphating, sealing, passivating, lubricating, coating, and ultrasonic cleaning. We customize Rotary Drum Aqueous Parts Washers to your exact needs.

Single Drum

Our Large Rotary Drum Parts Washers are the most productive and energy-efficient rotary drum machines available. They thoroughly clean and dry high volumes of parts without damage and processes 240 to 480 cubic feet of parts per hour.

Dual Drum

Get two machines in one with our Dual Drum Parts Washers. These stainless steel washers are cheaper to run and maintain than two separate systems. They share tanks, heating systems, pumps, and dryers. Each drum has a separate drive, allowing them to run at different speeds and be customized for unique purposes. Running two types of parts at the same time saves overall process time.


Filtration equipment is used to remove suspended solids from a waste stream. This includes pre-screening debris to prevent clogs in downstream equipment, polishing a clarified stream, and dewatering collected solids for easier handling.

These processes help ensure that the wastewater treatment system operates efficiently and effectively.

High-Boy Indexing Polishing Filter

The Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF) can be used before or after other treatments to remove particles. The IPF uses different types of filter paper to get the best results. This makes it able to handle different types of particles effectively.


The REC/ZCF Skid is a strong and versatile pumping and filtration system. It can act as the central part of various treatment processes to treat, discharge, or recycle water.


Bioremediation uses tiny organisms to eat organic pollutants in a waste stream. These systems also need air and micronutrients to keep the organisms healthy.

This is often the best way to treat these contaminants onsite. Proper pretreatment to remove most suspended solids and free oil will greatly improve the results.


The PM-1000D is an automatic pit management system that offers a fully automated and low-cost solution for managing standing wash water in collection pits, tanks, or sump drains.


No city sewer nearby? High hauling fees? Evaporation might be the simple solution! Every water treatment system needs to get rid of water eventually.

Evaporators can cut 95% of hauling costs by concentrating solids and turning water into steam.


The WB-120A Water Blaze is an energy-efficient wastewater evaporator system. It can handle waste streams at 120 gallons per hour and has high-quality burner components.


The WB-50A Water Blaze is an energy-efficient wastewater evaporator system. It can handle waste streams at 60 gallons per hour and has high-quality burner components.


The HBG-30D evaporator is a uniquely energy-efficient tool that uses natural gas or propane to heat and evaporate wastewater. It can handle up to 30 gallons per hour.

Evaporator Belt

The electric-powered Evaporator Belt is ideal for low-volume wastewater evaporation. It heats non-flammable liquids to evaporate from a standard steel drum.