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Pressure Washing & Cleaning Solutions


Reliable Pressure Washing Equipment

Our pressure washers are built to handle the toughest grime and dirt. Perfect for automotive businesses, they offer unmatched reliability and performance, ensuring your operations remain smooth and efficient.

VHG Series

EHW Series


Automotive Parts Cleaning Solutions

Our custom built parts washers provide precise cleaning for engine parts and other components. These machines enhance workshop productivity by ensuring every part is thoroughly cleaned, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

VHG Series

EHW Series


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Systems

Our systems combine powerful cleaning with sustainability. These eco-friendly solutions reduce water usage and environmental impact, making them ideal for businesses looking to adopt greener practices without compromising on cleaning performance.

Derpy Series

Derpy Series

Sustainable and Powerful

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Systems

WaterMaze systems combine powerful cleaning with sustainability. These eco-friendly solutions reduce water usage and environmental impact, making them ideal for businesses looking to adopt greener practices without compromising on cleaning performance.

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Purchasing and Support

How do I choose the right pressure washer for my business?

Our experts are here to help! You can contact us directly at 1-800-472-3890, and based on your specific cleaning needs and the scale of your operations, we will recommend the most suitable model for you.

Are there financing options available for purchasing pressure washers?

Yes, we offer various financing options to make our pressure washers more accessible. Please contact our sales team for detailed information on available plans.

What is the warranty period for your pressure washers?

  • 7-year parts and 1-year labor warranty on Landa pump manifold
  • 7-year warranty on oil end of Landa pumps*
  • 7-year parts and 1-year labor warranty on Landa manufactured components*
  • 5-year warranty on heating coil
  • 1-year parts and 1-year labor warranty on other components**

* Excludes normal wear items
** Excludes normal wear items and motors, generators and engines which are warranted and serviced by their respective manufacturers.
*** Other exclusions may apply. Please refer to the website of the OEM or contact us.

How can I get service and support if my pressure washer needs repair?

We have a dedicated service team ready to assist you. You can contact our support center via phone (1-800-472-3890) or email, and we also offer on-site services depending on your location and the issue.

Are there ongoing costs after purchasing a pressure washer?

Beyond the initial purchase, you should consider costs for consumables like cleaning solutions and replacement parts, as well as occasional maintenance services to ensure your machine continues to operate efficiently.

Product Information

What types of pressure washers do you offer?

We provide a wide range of pressure washers, including electric, gas-powered, and industrial models, each designed for specific cleaning requirements and environments.

Can I use my pressure washer for both indoor and outdoor cleaning?

Yes, our pressure washers are versatile and can be safely used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks, with specific models designed to meet the needs of each environment.

Do you offer any eco-friendly pressure washers?

Absolutely! We are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly models that use less water and energy, helping to reduce your environmental impact while still providing powerful cleaning capabilities.

What safety features do your pressure washers have?

Our pressure washers come equipped with multiple safety features, including automatic shut-off, pressure control, and thermal protections to ensure safe operation at all times.

What is the typical lifespan of your pressure washers?

With proper maintenance, our pressure washers typically last 10+ years, even under frequent use in commercial and industrial environments.

Usage and Maintenance

Do you provide training on how to use your pressure washers?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training sessions for all our pressure washers, ensuring that you and your team can operate the machines safely and effectively.

How often should maintenance be performed on a pressure washer?

Regular maintenance is recommended every 50 hours of use or at least annually to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your pressure washer.

Can pressure washers be used with cleaning solutions?

Yes, our pressure washers are compatible with various cleaning solutions, which can enhance cleaning efficiency. Be sure to use solutions recommended or approved by us to avoid damage to the machine.

Are replacement parts readily available for your pressure washers?

Absolutely, we stock a comprehensive range of replacement parts, and they are readily available through our service center.

What should I do if my pressure washer is not working properly?

Contact our customer support immediately. We can guide you through troubleshooting steps or arrange for a service visit to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Is there a user manual available online for my pressure washer model?

Yes, user manuals for all our models are available on our website. These manuals provide detailed instructions on operation, maintenance, and safety.

How do I prevent my pressure washer from freezing in winter?

We recommend storing your pressure washer in a frost-free environment. If it must stay in a colder area, be sure to drain all water from the machine and hoses and use antifreeze.

Can the pressure settings be adjusted on all models?

Most of our models feature adjustable pressure settings to suit different cleaning tasks. Please check the specific features of your model for details.

What are the best practices for storing my pressure washer when not in use?

Store your pressure washer in a clean, dry place. Remove any dirt or grime, drain all water, and disconnect hoses. Cover it to protect against dust and moisture.

Who can I contact for help with a large commercial order?

For large commercial orders, please contact our business sales team. They specialize in managing bulk orders and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

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