The WB-50A Water Blaze is a submerged combustion water evaporator. This super energy-efficient wastewater evaporator system with patented design uses submerged combustion technology whereby heat is forced through a submerged tube and released directly into the water for 100% heat exchanger efficiency and dramatic operational and energy cost savings.

The WB-50A is capable of handling waste streams at 60 gallons per hour and features top-of-the-line immersion tube jet burner components. With a solid-state flame control monitor, the WB-50A is capable of creating temperatures of up to 2000°F, releasing hot flue gases directly into the water.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 75 / 23 / 75

  • Weight w/o accessories (lbs): 895

  • Power supply (Ph/V/Hz): 1 / 230 / 60

  • Max. flow rate (gal/h): 60