Coagulation & Flocculation


The Watermaze REC3-30A is an upgrade to the REC2-20A module. It is a versatile water management system that pumps water from upstream pre-treatment tanks or pit systems to downstream reuse storage tanks. When combined with the ZCF filtration module, it pumps influent water through the filters to remove particulate, as well as provides pressurized water for backwashing and for recycling purposes. It provides make up water, as well as discharges any excess water volume.

It can be customized with accessories to enhance the effectiveness of you industrial wastewater Treatment System. Add-ons and consumables support the performance of the water treatment system.

The REC3-30A has a small footprint and can fit through a 36″ doorway allowing for challenging installation situations.


  • Up to 30 GPM flow

  • 1.5 HP self-prime pump

  • steel components are powder coat finished

  • Small footprint: 38″ x 31″ x 53″

  • Easy Access to components (pump, piping, and electrical)

  • Certifications – UL73