Water Pre-Treatment


The PH-3020 system is designed as a pH meter and pH controller to make wastewater easier to treat by allowing solids to settle out quicker, emulsified oils to become more buoyant, and for some metals to precipitate. Extreme pH levels will negatively impact the performance of a water treatment system. Automatic adjustment, rather than manually adjusting the pH of the water is highly recommended. Water Maze offers a variety of automatic pH control systems. Some are incorporated into the base product, some are factory installed options, others are stand alone systems. It incorporates a digital pH meter and pH controller that monitors and adjusts both base and acid pH ranges, a circulation pump, and chemical peristaltic pumps. Once the pH set points (high or low) is satisfied, the permissive interlock system of the controller will provide an output signal for the purpose of downstream release and/or post processing of the water.


  • Power supply (Ph/V): 1 / 120

  • pH Controller: 1