Coagulation and Flocculation

CoAg Series

The CoAg2-20A System is an advanced chemical treatment system, using the method of adding a chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process, to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils from the waste stream.

The CoAg2-20A System is a very low maintenance, cost effective system to operate. The CoAg2-20A can be used on its own as the primary water treatment system, or as a pre-treatment system with other technologies, such as Electro-Coagulation or Bioremediation.


  • Processing flow rates up to 20 GPM (gallons per minute)

  • No standing water in the tanks after processing – water is processed and discharged; eliminates need for odor control

  • Modular and compact, uses inline mixing tubes for coagulant

  • Modular, can be used alone or as a pre-treatement system

  • Batch feed, continual flow processing system through two 150 gallon cone-bottom tanks