Mechanical Filtration

CLP Series

The CLP 5024 is the most advanced, efficient and self-contained mechanical filtration wash-water recycling system on the market. The revolutionary CLP 5024 industrial water treatment system is fully automated with an automatic maintenance control system. The CLP 5024 uses an easy-to-operate programmable logic control to automatically backwash filters, dispense sludge and monitor and adjust pH and oxidizer levels resulting in cleaner water, reduced odor problems, lower maintenance costs and a smoother operation. Easy to install because it is pre-plumbed and self-contained on an all-steel platform protected by an all-weather powder coat finish. Other features include extra quantities of media including gravel, sand, anthracite, and garnet; up to 320 lbs. of auto “backwashable,” degassed, virgin activated carbon; 185-490 sq. ft. of cone-shaped, coalescing plates for optimum separation of oil and solids from wash water; industrial-grade ozone generator; and convenient, mess-free method of disposing of sludge from the system.

Models: CLP-5024A, CLP-5024B and CLP-5024C


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 108 / 63 / 90

  • Weight w/o accessories (lbs): 1900

  • Power supply (Ph/V/Hz): 1 / 230 / 60

  • Filter weight (lbs): 275

  • Max. flow rate (GPM): 10