Mobile Wash Systems

Tule Series HDS

The TULE is a towable and maneuverable hot water pressure washer that will make mobile washing on location a breeze.

Ready to pick up and go at a moments notice, Kärcher’s Tule Series HDS 3.5/40 Ge MT hot water pressure washer trailer provides the necessary cleaning power on virtually any job site which has a water source.

Simply unhitch the Tule Series HDS 3.5/40 Ge MT and take the cleaning power where you need it most.

The Tule Series trailer features a reliable Honda engine, 8 gallon diesel fuel tank, electric start with manual start backup. Regulate temperature with the adjustable thermostat for efficient hot water powerful cleaning action. EASY!Force trigger gun with cruise control like technology uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down – so, no more sore hands after hours of use.


  • Reliable Honda GX engine

  • 8-gallon diesel fuel tank

  • Adjustable thermostat for water temperature regulation

  • Electric start with manual start backup

  • 4000 psi / 3.5 gpm

  • Direct drive

  • 12V / DC Burner