ECOS Trailer

Mobile Washer Systems

ECOS by Landa

If you’re looking for a “green” solution to wastewater disposal, Landa’s patented* and revolutionary ECOS Mobile Wash and Reclaim System should be right up your alley. This environmentally friendly, patented mobile wash system combines a hot water pressure washer with a wastewater recovery and filtration system atop a trailer unit, making it simple to dispose of the gray wastewater from your pressure washing operation, or recycle and reuse it.

You’ll be in compliance with most municipal regulations, and will be doing your part to help conserve our precious natural resources. Contract cleaners, municipalities, and ports can all benefit from the addition of an ECOS mobile wash system to their stable of equipment.


  • Tandem Axel

  • 400 Gallon Water Tank

  • Optional Landa variable pressure lance with soap nozzle