Diesel-Powered/Diesel/Oil Heated

PDHW Series

Landa Karcher Group’s PDHW is a diesel-powered, hot water pressure washer that combines the versatility of a compact size with the ruggedness and cleaning power of a larger full-skid pressure washer. The PDHW delivers cleaning power of 3,500 PSI with a flow rate of 4.7 GPM.

The PDHW is packed with Landa Karcher Group quality throughout. Powered by a reliable Kubota electric-start engine, the PDHW features a top-of-the-line, oil-bath, tri-plunger, belt-drive Landa Karcher Group LT pump with 7-year warranty. The heating coil is made of 1⁄2-inch Schedule 80 cold-rolled pipe with a stainless steel outer top wrap. The sturdy steel frame gets all-weather protection from a polyester powder coat finish or stainless steel.

The PDHW is versatile with features and options that make it adaptable to specialized jobs. A 2,900 watt generator (on 120V burner models) provides power for the burner as well as a 120V outlet for low-wattage applications. The PDHW has forklift guides for transporting and brackets for mounting on a trailer. The extra-large, tilt-out, fuel tank provides hours of continuous cleaning. The PDHW has loads of additional options to make it the perfect machine for any job including off-shore oil rigs.

As with all Landa Karcher Group models, the PDHW comes certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards, featuring: 24-inch hose guard for burst protection, thermal pump protector, high-temperature shutdown to prevent super-high heat buildup, and rupture disk to vent any buildup of excessive pressure in the heating coil.


  • 4.7 GPM of cleaning power at 3,500 PSI

  • Powered by Factory-Certified Kubota Electric-Start Engine

  • Belt-Drive Landa Karcher Group Pump with 7-Year Warranty

  • 1/2″ Schedule 80 Coil

  • Powered by Diesel

  • Diesel/Oil Heated