Diesel-Powered/Diesel/Oil Heated

When it comes to diesel-powered hot water pressure washers, Landa Karcher Group is the brand to turn to. Our largest hot water pressure washers deliver 200°F water and dual-gun capabilities, and are super fuel-efficient, cutting your average fuel consumption by 21% or more. For your toughest hot water cleaning challenges, Landa Karcher Group’s diesel-powered industrial power washers deliver.

PDHW Series

Up to 4.7 GPM, and 3,500 PSI

The PDHW is packed with Landa Karcher Group quality throughout. Powered by a reliable Kubota electric-start engine, the PDHW features a top-of-the-line, oil-bath, tri-plunger, belt-drive Landa Karcher Group LT pump with 7-year warranty. The heating coil is made of 1⁄2-inch Schedule 80 cold-rolled pipe with a stainless steel outer top wrap. The sturdy steel frame gets all-weather protection from a polyester powder coat finish or stainless steel.

SLX/SLT Series

Up to 9.8 GPM; Up to 3,200 PSI

When it comes to heavy-duty grease or grime, most high-volume, hot water pressure washers fall short with their 150°F water. Landa Karcher Group’s SLX, and smaller SLT, are the first power washers ever designed to deliver a high-volume flow at 200°F water, hot enough to melt the toughest of oily messes. The SLX delivers enough hot water flow—up to 9.8 GPM—that you can operate two spray guns at the same time!