Multi-Purpose Liquid

Aqueous Parts Washer Detergent

Multi-Purpose Liquid Detergent is a synthetic detergent formulated for use in automatic parts cleaning equipment. When used as recommended, it is safe for use on all metals, including aluminum. It provides safe effective removal of fabricating oils, including heavy chlorinated and sulphured oils, fats and coolants from metal substrates with no scale build up and has excellent rinsability.

This product is low foaming in hot water, and contains corrosion inhibitors. The unique combination of synthetic ingredients allows complete lifting of soils without emulsification of oils (quick release type) allowing the oils to be removed by an oil skimmer to extend solution life and reduce residuals on washed parts.


Industrial Use Only

Read the Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before using this product. use at concentrations from 2 to 6 oz. per gallon of wash water at 140˚ to 160˚ F for spray type cleaning equipment.


  • Safe for use on all metals, inclusion aluminium

  • No scale build up

  • Low foaming

  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Dilution Ratio

2 to 6 oz/gallon of wash water @ 140˚ to 160˚F for spray type cleaning equipment.