Pre Soak


Discovery is a liquid “power wash” concentrate designed for complete removal of the toughest road film, dirt, bugs and grease from painted vehicle surfaces. It works without brushing and in hot or cold water. Discovery contains no phosphates or solvents and contains the most biodegradable surfactants available, thus reducing environmental contamination.


Industrial Use Only

Manual or automatic spray wash equipment as well as brush application may be used.

Best results are obtained when Discovery is used at a rate of 1 part with 25 parts cold or warm water and 50 -250 PSI pressure. Apply from bottom of the vehicle to the top. Do not allow solution to dry before rinsing. After 30 seconds to 2 minutes, rinse with fresh water at 500 – 2000 PSI. To obtain best results, rinse from bottom to top, then from top to bottom.

To achieve maximum results Discovery should be applied onto a dry surface. 


  • Discovery works on all painted surfaces

  • Can be used on vinyl siding

  • At high concentration, it is an effective degreaser

  • Will remove diesel exhaust stains

  • Available in 205 Litre drums, 20 Litre pails and in bulk.

Dilution Ratio

1 part with 25 parts cold or warm water and 50 -250 PSI pressure