Gasoline-Powered/Cold-Water Pressure Washer

PC Series

The PC Series are the toughest of Landa Karcher Group’s direct-drive, cold water pressure washer line offering models and cleaning power of up to 4000 PSI. Only the highest quality components are used on the PC, including most models carrying the tri-plunger high-pressure Landa Karcher Group pump with 7-year warranty, industrial-duty Honda or Subaru-Robin engines, durable 10-gauge steel frame, and insulated point-and-shoot wand for cleaning effectiveness.

A number of features make the PC especially popular with users who seek to reduce their cleaning time. For instance, there are nickel-plated handles on both front and back for easy vehicle loading. The tubed pneumatic tires make for easy maneuvering in any terrain and the shock-absorbing rubber feet keep the PC from “walking” while in operation. The E-Z start valve allows for resistance-free pull starting of the engine.


  • Up to 3.8 GPM; Up to 4000 PSI

  • Direct-Drive Landa Karcher Group Pump has 7-Year Warranty

  • Reliable Honda or Subaru Engine

  • E-Z Pull Starting

  • Detergent Injection