Electric-Powered/Cold-Water Pressure Washer

ZEF Series

Landa Karcher Group’s ZEF cold-water pressure washer has a flexible design and industrial features that make it ideal for indoor use. Features include rugged frame, a Landa Karcher Group pump with 7-year warranty and industrial-strength motor.

Convenience with the total package designed for cleaning in a tight, indoor facility, including a wall shelf, a remote on-off switch, an extra set of illustrated warning and operational stickers posted at eye level. The ZEF is ideal for cleaning the work area and equipment.


  • 1.8 GPM, 1,400 PSI

  • Direct-Drive Landa Karcher Group Pump with 7-Year Warranty

  • Up to 180°F Inlet Water

  • Auto Start-Stop Feature

  • UL-1776 Safety Certified

  • Optional Wall Shelf