Landa Karcher’s surface cleaner, “The Water Jet” is the premier surface cleaner on the market attaching easily to a hot- or cold-water pressure washer to “mow” grime. With its infinitely variable rotary bar adjustment, the Water Jet can clean a wide variety of surfaces from concrete to asphalt. The stainless steel spray bar, with two precision spray nozzles, spins at an astounding 2,000 RPM. Its pneumatic tires and leading swivel caster make for easy maneuvering into corners and tight spaces. The side mounted trigger arm and wand allows for corner cleaning without detaching the water jet.

Accessories include a hose reel riser that helps to maneuver over obstacles and make cleaning easier. Our reel cart system makes it easy to get from cleaning area to cleaning area. And our hose guides direct hose back onto the reel, making it easier for the user to get a uniform fit.


  • 2,000 RPM

  • Super-duty

  • 200 degrees F

  • Cleaning width 20 inches